Registration Fee
Standard Price CNY 3,200 yuan / person 丨 Payment on-site
Group Tickets CNY 2,500 yuan / person 丨 (P≥2)
Early Bird Ticket CNY 2,600 yuan/ person 丨Before October 15, 2019
Early bird discount and group discount cannot be selected at the same time.

After online pre-registration, the organizer will notify you by e-mail within 2 working days of successful pre-registration and confirm payment.

You are supposed to complete the payment within 10 business days after signing up and the organizer reserves the right to reject any unpaid customers.

* Japan Enterprise application point of contact below.
About Fee:
A: You are entitled to attend all scheduled sessions on Day 1 and Day 2
B: Including the coffee breaks and luncheons, Day 1 dinner, simultaneous interpreting service, conference materials; Accommodation and transportation are not included.
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1. Participation fees

You are entitled to attend all scheduled sessions on Day 1 and Day 2;

Including the coffee breaks and luncheons, Day 1 dinner, simultaneous interpreting service, conference materials;

Accommodation and transportation are not included.


2. Group Ticket Preferences

Group discounts should be registered for the same company. Enrollment of two or more people can enjoy group price concessions.

If the number of applicants of the same company has reached the group discount accumulatively, the part of payment completed before the number of applicants reached the group discount does not participate in the group discount, and the new part can enjoy the corresponding discount.

(For example, company A buys one ticket for the first time and finishes the payment. If company A buys two additional tickets for the subsequent meeting, two additional tickets will enjoy the group ticket discount, and one non-participating group discount for the first time).


3. Payment

Payment method: (financial information of conference company)

Beneficiary: Genesis Testing Inspection and Certification (Guangdong) Corporation

Beneficiary's Bank: China Citic Bank Guangzhou Branch

A/C No.: 7445510182600002819

SWIFT code of our bank: CIBKCNBJ510

Contact person: Mrs. Jelly Feng

E-mail: fengjl@iqtc.cn

Please inform the Conference Section in time by mail after transfer or wire transfer. The contents include payment vouchers (scan/copy/screen capture), participants'names and other information.

Payment should be completed within 10 working days after registration. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the participation qualification of unpaid customers.

Transfers or remittances (based on the time stamp of payment vouchers) will be processed before October 15, and the invoices will be issued in time. Express it in advance or pick it up at the registration of the meeting.

Transfers or telegraphic transfers will be made after October 15. For on-site payment, invoices will be issued and express delivery will be arranged after November 10.


4. Registration Amendment & Replacement

If you have already registered and need to modify your personal information, please contact the business team for modification.

If you are unable to attend the meeting due to a conflict of itineraries, you can transfer your attendance quota.


5. Cancellation of registration

Cancellation of registration one month before the meeting will result in a 90% refund fee. Cancellation of registration two weeks before the meeting will result in a 50% refund fee, and no refund will be made if it is overdue.

If the conference is cancelled due to the sponsor's own reasons, you will receive a 100% refund. You may also choose to use the conference fee for future meetings.


6. Conference Language

English and Mandarin, and simultaneous interpretation will be provided during all sessions.


7. Information Confidentiality

All personal contact information you fill in at the time of registration is only used within the organizer of the conference.

In addition, all your contact information will be kept confidential throughout the process.


8. Statement

Organizers reserve the right to change the content and timing of the agenda, although this will rarely happen.

The sponsor shall not be liable for any alteration of the agenda or speakers caused by force majeure or for the cancellation or postponement of the meeting.

Changes in agenda and guest information will be updated on the website or notified to all delegates.


9.Conference Affairs

Contacts: Mr. Max Deng, Mrs. Jelly Feng

Mob: +86 13828446291, +8615920566004

Email: Max.deng@iqtc-fcm.com, fengjl@iqtc.cn


Japan registration point Contact:

Contact person:川合 のり子(KAWAI NORIKO)